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We have different warehouse availabilities ranging from 1m2 to 12m2. We have altogether 30 different warehouse in our building. Minimum contract term / period is 1  week and guarantee rent is 1 month which will be returned after the contract period if contract requirements are filled. Our safe warehouse facilities are equipped with recording camera surveillance. In addition, we offer regular safety checks in order to maximize our storage's safety. 24/7 availability and access to the warehouse every day. 

There is one elevator in the warehouse suitable for moving items only, not persons. Also spiral stair cases leads from upstairs to the basement where all the storages are located. We will offer number coded warehouse locks, so our customer's don't need to have their own locking systems. Our contract terms can be found HERE!

varasto, halpa, turku, varasto 1m2
37 € / month



varasto, halpa, turku, varasto 6m2
107 € / month


172€ / month



varasto, halpa, turku, varasto 12m2
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